November 9, 2008 at 5:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorry I haven’t updated lately. I am a failure. Part of the reason was that I was frantically trying to get costumes done for Youmacon. There was knitting going on! I have no pictures yet, but I knit a pairof fingerless gloves for my Final Fantasy 7 Tifa costume. I lost one, though, and stole my friend’s Harley Quinn glove, and then found it as I was packing to leave. Irony’s a bitch.

Anywho, I was too busy sewing and cutting to be able to knit much, but hopefully that will change. Except for the whole frantic NaNo and learning my music for school thing. Who knows. There’s no way I’m going to get my christmas stuff done now, but I can at least finish Willow’s sweater (if I figure out where I left off!) and get started on Tazzy’s.

A certain someone (*insert sappy grin here*) noticed my fingerless gloves at Youmacon and pleadingly asked me to make him a pair. Well, actually, I don’t think there was any asking, but the pleading was there. This was AFTER he halfway begged me to make him a sweater. Sweater curse? What sweater curse?! I told him I would, so… fingerless gloves and a sweater! Another one! Sweaters take me five bajillion years, but I love making them, so maybe I”ll get bulky yarn so I’ll only take three bajillion years.

So… an update should be happening in the future. Hopefully I won’t be consumed by NaNo and my Italian Arias.

If anything I’ll have to upload a picture of my fingerless gloves!


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August 22, 2008 at 11:40 pm (Uncategorized)

I got bored with my current projects (It’s a curse!), and knit up a shrug in about two days.


It was fun. Ribbed Lace Bolero, is it’s name. I messed up a couple times, increasing the lace pattern by one on a sleeve, and the mattress seam. And there’s a loose end I didn’t weave in well enough. But it’s cute, and I’ll wear it to class some day when the weather cools off enough to wear wool (Stash busting exercise).

I just bought the yarn to make my niece a Reid in pink with purple edging. I’m looking for cheap but durable yarn to make my nephews matching Sherwood sweaters. Jimmy’s is going to be in light blue to match his gorgeous eyes, and while Tazzy also has gorgeous eyes, I’m going to make it up in his preferred shade of fire engine red.

I just bought two school texts for quite over a hundred dollars, so I”m going to ask my mom if I can use some of the money she scrounged from our various change bowls to go towards the effort. Since I’m jobless and a lazy bum, y’know. But she scrounged over 300 bucks! She’s giving most of it away to a charity aiding a South African Seminary, but the rest is going to who knows what. HOpefully nephew’s sweaters? Haha, it’s okay if she doesn’t. Though paying for your own yarn is a drag. Darn expensive fibers! I’ll probably buy the boys’ yarn in washable, yet nice fibers. Since they’re two and five (nearly six!) respectively.

I love knitting and crocheting for my niece and nephews. I made Tazzy and Willow scarves, but nothing for Jimmy yet. He won’t wear hats, so a sweater will have to do.

If I’m lucky, I can take the Reid to the Ren Faire with me. If not, I’ll just take Laura’s socks. That is, if I’m working the craft booth. I might get lucky and teach people how to shoot things with arrows again. Though I like the craft booth because at least then the big manly men won’t think I don’t know anything because I’m a small female. Fuh.

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Birthday update!

August 14, 2008 at 10:24 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m 22 today. Woot!

I finished my Thira top. I don’t like how I look in it (I gained a few pounds, so hopefully when school starts and I’m not sitting around my house eating I will get back in shape… as well with all the bike riding I’ll be doing).


Me all acne-fied. I”m 22. I shouldn’t be breaking out so much!



And more pictures, because I like pictures.


My almost 6 year old nephew Thaddeus (Tazzy) getting into the freezer, looking for popsicles.


Jimjim playing with his cousin Willow’s headband.


Jimjim looking adorable. He said “CHEESE” right before this was taken.


JImjim decided the cat needed a headband.


And that his daddy needed a headband.


I bought this bamboo for six bucks at the St. Louis Mills. I have named him Algernon. He now lives by this other huge plant on the window between my computer and the piano.

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Travel, travel, travel…

August 6, 2008 at 11:00 pm (Uncategorized)

I just got back from Colorado, to visit my sister. Every other year or so her in-laws host a huge goat roast, with a couple hundred people, a roasted pig named after someone in the media (this year, Hilary II… second time Hilary Clinton got a pig named after her), two goats, and a young woman holing herself in her brother-in-law’s old room knitting and reading.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take my camera, so no dead goat pictures. Sorry!

I did, however, get a lot done on my Thira in a pretty Jade color.


I got a few compliments on it. I love Esprit yarn. Very stretchy. The flight attendant on the way home complimented my speed and the color of the yarn. They didn’t even make me put my needles away for landing!

I went to Showers of Flowers yarn shop in Lakewood, which is an awesome place. I bought some well-priced sock yarn, despite my earlier intentions to not buy any more yarn until both Thira and my Flood sweater were done.

I couldn’t help it.


The blue and green will go towards a Tempest, and the multi will go towards a pair of socks.


I also got the whole back of my Flood sweater done while watching Doctor Who the past couple days. This knits up so fast, and I love the look of it so far.



And, a couple weeks ago, my brother and nephew andI went to the zoo, and found one of the female peacocks and her chicks!


And a much needed picture of my nephew and a roly-poly!


Gotta love Jimjim.

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July 31, 2008 at 11:21 pm (Uncategorized)

Ellabel got her socks today, and she said they fit perfectly.


Note how they don’t match in the slightest. I didn’t realize that the color repeat came later, and by th time I did I didn’t feel like frogging all that work. So, voila! Excitement!

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July 28, 2008 at 5:34 pm (Uncategorized)

So I finished Ellael’s socks, and immediately cast on with glitterspun for another pair. Glitterspun intrigues me. They aren’t going to be the most comfortable socks, but they’ll be pretty! And they’re knitting up fast since Glitterspun is worsted weight. I’m going toe up, and doing a 2X2 ribbing on all but the soles and heels, so I can just knit until my second skein is used up (I’m using 4 skeins in all).  I bought the glitterspun awhile ago for a pattern in Crochet! magazing that I never finished because it sucked. So I’m using them for glitzy socks (I ADORE glitzy socks… in fact I own a pair of these in black).

I’m absolutely starving. My brother’s off getting food and my mom’s watching my 2 year old nephew Jimmy (named for aforementioned daddy) and they’re sitting on the couch watching the Incredibles. I should get some soft washable yarn and make him a pair of nice white socks for church. But he’s leaving this evening and I won’t have time to buy him yarn, so I’ll have to wait until another time. Especially since I’ll be gone the next two weekends on vacation. I’m going with my brother (I will call him Jim here, even though I call him Jimmy in real life, for the sake of differentiating between his son and him) to take Jimmy back to his mom’s.

I’ve been looking at my ravelry queue, trying to figure out yarns to substitute, since I’m a poor, poor unemployed college student (and darnit if no place I put in an application has gotten back to me yet! More apps must go out, I guess). Although I do have a couple that I can start now. One is a sweater using discontinued Rowan Plaid, but the thought of knitting a sweater in 90-100 degree weather makes me sad inside. So socks it is! And my Thira top, once my yarn gets here.

I was going to send out Ellabel’s socks and yarn out today, but I can’t find any packing tape. I guess I’ll buy some and send them out tomorrow.

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More socky goodness!

July 26, 2008 at 11:16 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Big Cat loves Noro! He only has three legs, if you can’t tell. He’s my speshul kitty, and he’s a ripe old thirteen years old.

I’m still plugging away at Ellabel’s socks. I should have been almost done by now, but I had to work today, due to scheduling conflicts. ANd then I slept for three hours because I declined to get enough sleep last night in preparating for the 6 AM schedule. Ick.

Do i really do that with my fingers when I’m knitting?

Guess I do.

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Songs and Socks

July 25, 2008 at 10:17 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I finished one of Ellabel’s socks and just finished the toe increases on the second. I’m way too lazy to drag out the camera and take pictures, but it looks neato. These socks went so smoothly… I can’t wait to make a pair for myself. With yarn I already have, of course. *cough* In any case, I’m hoping my yarn for the Thira halter top from Knitty gets here soon… I need to find out what size circular needles to buy so I can take it on the plane to Denver. I might even convince Laura to take me to that awesome knit shop (of which the name I can’t remmber) and I’ll buy even more sock yarn and show her how to do the Magic Cast on.

I was knitting last night and singing. I’m finally declaring a major, after four years of screwing around. I’m a voice major, and I want to go into Opera. I have an audition next Thursday, the day before I leave for Colorado. I’m singing “I attempt from Love’s Sickness to Fly.” I sang it for a scholarship audition and sucked. Hopefully this time I’ll be able to beat it out of the park. I’m also happy that I can take a bus to school. I always hated that half hour drive because I could really do was listen to music. Now I can read, study, and knit and crochet. And save a crapton of money doing it.

Of course, singing and knitting don’t really go together when you’re still relearning the song, so I’ll have to save that particular quirk for Eisley and Showtunes. 🙂

And so I actually have some sort of picture content:

I’m actually about halfway done with this scarf, and it looks AWESOME. Telemark is too spongy and rough though. Hopefully washing and blocking will help remedy this. Maybe I’ll give it to someone for Christmas. If I had thought to do it in green, I’d give it to Tinah, but I just grabbed whatever yarn I had. Or maybe I”ll keep it and make another one for my mom in a color more suited to her. Red? I’ll think on it.

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Ellabel’s Socks

July 24, 2008 at 8:51 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

So I bought a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn, and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t have too many good reviews on ravelry, but I love the thick and thin, the somewhat roughage, and the colors. I just hope Ellabel likes it as much as I do. They’re turning out beautifully, and I don’t think I ever want to go back to doing socks from cuff down ever again.

I started it last night, and turned the heel early this afternoon. I had to frog it once after I screwed it up majorly. The second time I paid more attention, and it turned out just fine. I don’t think I’d ever get sick of knitting socks.

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Mmm, delicious yarns

July 23, 2008 at 3:27 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

So this is like my third attempt at a stitchery blog. Let’s hope this one lasts!

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